Timothy Lowenhaupt

He is the executive director of the Asian Classics Institute, and has studied and practiced the ancient wisdom for over 15 years. His classes on the ACI 18 Foundation Courses regularly attract upwards of 200 students, and he is a valued teacher to students in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the US.Previously, he was director of product management in a company developing patient/physician video communication technology, and a portfolio manager in pharmaceutical marketing. These days, in addition to his duties as ACI executive director, he runs and manages several high-end boutique hotels in Sedona for Red Capital Education and Travel. Under his management, they have won awards locally and nationally for excellence.Tim works to seamlessly integrate ancient wisdom into the workplace and daily life, advocating for best business and lifestyle practices that include daily meditation, yoga and healthy nutrition. He is an avid hiker, regularly exploring the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, where he lives, as well as other parts of the world.